M2/A249 Stockbury Roundabout

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Highways England are spending up to £100 million on changes to this roundabout. The following is from their website:

Traffic using the M2 junction 5/A249 Stockbury roundabout suffers delay and the junction has a poor safety record. The approach to the junction from the north and east, in particular, experiences high levels of delay and the junction is identified in the list of the top 50 national casualty locations on the trunk and motorway network.

An increase in capacity is necessary to accommodate traffic from planned new developments and the capacity problems are also inhibiting economic investment plans.

Improvement of the junction was proposed in Swale Borough Council’s Draft Transportation Strategy 2014 and in Kent County Council’s framework for regeneration in 2010 (Growth without Gridlock). It is also proposed within the South East Local Economic Partnership’s Growth Deal and Economic Plan 2014.

The scheme was included in the March 2015 Roads Investment Strategy (RIS) and in our Delivery Plan 2015.

The objectives of this scheme are to:

reduce travel time and improving journey time reliability in the hotspot areas
reconnect communities
reduce and the impacts of pollution
enable local planning authorities to manage the impact of planned growth and in doing so support the wider economy
provide safer roads with fewer delays which can adequately cater for the impacts of adverse weather
minimise impacts on the natural environment and optimising environmental opportunities and mitigation
provide opportunities for improved accessibility for all users


There is an opportunity for cycling and walking provision, and Highways England have suggested that Maidstone Cycle Campaign propose such provision to them so they can make arrangements to sort funding for it.

Any suggestions for cycling and walking provision would be beneficial


October 17th, 2017 00:00


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